The Church Expands Its Reach Via The Internet

On March 31, 2009, internet users worldwide had reached an astounding 1, 596 and 270 respectively. This enormous number can further be broken down according to demography. Asia was the first country with 650 million internet users. Europe was second and North America third. The Caribbean was next, while Africa, Middle East, Australia, and Australia took the three last spots. This large user base makes it easy to see why so many small, medium, and big businesses have chosen to be online. Large numbers of visitors translate into high traffic and increased revenues. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the church will have financial success online. However, it could be an opportunity to reach out spiritually.

This noble purpose is what a professional church website designer knows. Online church services now include photo and video management, sermon podcasting and online Bible search. The photo and videos management feature is used to document activities in the church by members. Anyone can upload photographs and video that will encourage others to join the church’s activities. This gallery will be used to prove that the congregation works together in achieving church goals.

To increase participation, volunteers forums are also available. Visitors can fill out forms and become volunteers by signing up. Mass emails can be sent to keep them informed and up-to-date. The church website design has the same goal as the congregation: strengthening faith in the church. Blogging is also important as it allows church leaders to send inspirational messages in addition to their sermons. Podcasting allows church members, or visitors to the church, to listen to sermons that they missed and categorize them. They can then download their sermons for personal use. You can also download shortened versions of these sermons. This makes gospel sharing easy and quick. Every church integrates online Bible sharing. It is easy for visitors to find the correct information on church websites. Bible passages and verses are arranged by keywords, which makes searching easy.