How To Start Your Own Business In Towing

You can become your own boss and run your own business if you set up your own towing company. This could be a one-man job or a fleet of vehicles true towing. A new or used tow vehicle can be purchased, but you also have the option of a trailer which can be pulled behind your truck or SUV. To make sure customers see your trailer when you are towing, you can put signs on it.

Most towing companies charge either a onetime fee or a hook up fee. Then, there is a per-mile charge. It is worth calling around to find out what they charge to tow a vehicle between points A and B. After comparing prices, you will be able charge according to the results. Advertise in local papers and create a flyer to hand out to all gas stations in the area you are interested in working. They might have customers in need of your services.

When a car breaks down, people usually take their vehicle to the nearest gas station. Today’s gas stations are no longer the same as the ones of yesterday. Instead, a service agent would pull up at the pump and check your oil. Nowadays, gas stations are stocked with only gas and quick-mart snacks. While there are still many old-fashioned gas stations around, most of them have become convenience gas stations. If someone is in trouble and stops at a gas station, the worker will be able to give them your phone number if they have one. Taxi drivers are the same. A taxi can be used temporarily to transport someone’s vehicle if their car isn’t working. When they’re ready, they may need to have their vehicle towed by a mechanic or dealer to get it fixed. You can also increase your customer base by sending them flyers about rental car outlets. Renting a car can be a good option for someone who has a broken car. They could also rent it until they have their car repaired.