Here are some easy ways to avoid the decoys employed by Gold IRA Companies

Sometimes you must think like the thief to outwit a criminal. Most thieves are in a hurry. They want to get into the area, get the loot quick, and then run out of time. You can make it simple for them if you already know that they want to do this. Decoys are the way to go. You can see gold IRA companies on our website.

Here’s how precious Metals IRA Companies use decoys.

Let’s say that you have the majority your metals stored in a secure area of your home. It’s obvious that this is the location of most of your stash, but thieves don’t know.

If thieves get in and don’t find anything they want, they can keep looking and searching until they find it. Here’s what you can do.

Shop at a discount outlet to locate the smallest, most cost-effective safe you can buy. The safes should be easily accessible and can be carried away without any difficulty. Keep these safes in an obvious location, like the master bedroom closet.

So the thief can locate it, you need to place some cash or gold or silver in the safe. It’s more convincing to put more cash or metals in the safe the more resources you have.

The idea is to give some, in order to keep some.

You might have lower means but still want to keep your money safe. Put some pennies, nickels and dimes in it to give it more weight. I’ve heard of people purchasing fake silver coins and gold coins online to store in the safe. This is a great idea. The more real it can look, the better.

If thieves think they have found your stash, they should be content to take it and run. Most thieves will seek the path of least resistance. They may feel that they are lucky to have discovered your stash within a short time and they would be content to take the safe with them and move on.