Crystals can heal – which ones are you drawn to?

You may not feel in sync with your body so this topic may not be relevant to you. However, it seems that many of my clients are drawn to one or more kinds of rocks/crystals even though they could be healing some aspect, buy moldavite necklace.

Personally, I love brown Tiger eye. My only tigereye necklace is the one that I cherish most. Every day I wear it, I feel a powerfully amazing day. It wasn’t until I became a Naturopath and learned about crystals three years later that I understood the connection. That necklace is now my daily companion (so it’s awesome every day!

Here are some of my most frequent stones

Do Turquoise appeal to you? Turquoise, a healing stone worldwide, is well-known. It balances the spirit and the body. It also dissipates all negativity.

Are You Attracted to Tiger’s Eye Tiger’s Eye is grounding and balance. It promotes confidence, will power and clear thinking. It increases your ability to think clearly and makes it easier to manifest what you have in mind. It helps you differentiate thoughts from feelings. Great for digestion, stomach, anxiety, ulcers, bones. Reduces anxiety, fear, obsession and obsessiveness.

Are Hematite attractive to you? Hematite (a shiny dark silver-gray metal stone) Condenses scatteredness, fuzziness, and enhances mental clarity. It is one of the most grounded stones. It improves concentration, memory, and practicality. It is useful for detail work like bookkeeping, and can help with insomnia. It stimulates confidence, willpower, and boldness. It was used by Egyptians to calm anxiety, hysteria, and panic. It is a Yangstone (male energy). It is a Yang stone (male energy) that helps to reorganize the body after stress, anesthesia, or jet lag.

Do you love Diamonds? Diamonds are powerful stones which can absorb and amplify thoughts and attitudes. It helps to nourish the spiritual centers of your body and gives you the ability to trust and believe in yourself. Diamonds give strength, endurance and a loving personality. They are a catalyst for abundance in all areas.

Are Blue Topaz attractive to you? Blue Topaz encourages individuality and creativity. It replaces negativity with love. It can help you attract success in all your endeavors. Blue Topaz can help us connect with our higher self. It’s a great stone for creativity, writing, focusing, and alignment.

I once performed a medical intuitive examination on a severely ill plant. I asked the plant whether it needed any treatment other than the normal, which for it was more humidity. I was told by the plant that it wanted Green Tourmaline. “What’s this bizarre treatment?” I thought. I was astonished to discover the answer in Melody’s Love is in the Earth. The answer is: Green Tourmaline is a healing gemstone of the plant universe! I suggested she make a gem oil and then add several drops of it to the water she uses for her plant. Now, I know that you can use a portion of the crystal to charge the water in the jug of water that you use for the plant.

I checked back five weeks later to ask her how her plant was doing. She was thrilled. “It’s great! It even has five oranges, which makes it so much more happy. She said.

That’s what it looks like. Green Tourmaline can also be found in the human realm. It helps to increase our will to live and heal heartache. It is also useful for asthma. Excellent stone. Very expensive.

There’s a wide variety of Quartz crystals. Each has a unique.

Rose Quartz – A pink stone, Rose Quartz represents love, peace and forgiveness. It can soothe and warm the heart. It is great for emotional healing, loss of stress, pain, fear, hurt and anger.

Jim Johnson, my friend, is a Reiki Master. He uses reiki-powered crystal wads for his reiki treatments. He has a wide range of crystals but his favorites are crystals with enhanced quartz.

It seems like Amber is a popular color these days. Why is this? Amber is an ancient petrified, or pine-derived resin. It actually has an electric field. It opens your solar plexus chakra, which is responsible for digestion and mental clarity. It is a good choice for balancing the mental and emotional body. Amber is great for detoxification.

What is the best choice for crystals with low energy? Carnelian. It is similar to Jasper and has a pretty orange colour. It improves our confidence, assertiveness, boldness, initiative, as well as our ability to be assertive. Carnelian aids us in expressing our feelings. It stimulates passion and sexuality, while also warming and cleansing the blood. It is a good idea to carry some of this stone around with you in case you find yourself attracted to it. I’ve observed that many men over 50 require this stone.

One book that I would highly recommend regarding the healing properties and crystals is Love is in the Earth By Melody. My favorite place to find crystals is in Spokane WA at Wonders of the World. They have almost everything you could need, even crystals originating from other planets like Moldavite. Which will allow you to get closer to your extraterrestrial roots… If you’re lucky!

Ah, but there is one thing you should know about crystals. Anything that ends in ITE is a healing stone. Edgar Cayce (the Sleeping Prophet) always recommended that the gemstone or gem be more than two-carats (a crystal pendant is very effective) and placed directly on the skin to best affect your body’s energetic field.

Have fun, and good luck! Let me know how you get on!

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